The following are live CD's and LP's I have and am willing to tape 'n trade. I am eventually going to have track listings. Most are of the Cure (I sold many of my live and import discs of other bands at the height of poverty while in college). I am looking for other, more recent Cure recordings as well as Dead Can Dance, Tori Amos, Nick Cave and Live. I also have lots of videos but no way to copy them at the present time. If you need to know the track listings just e-mail me at


We Hate Rock 'N Roll (Triangle Records) Recorded in 1980 in Holland and released in 1991.

Super Golden Radio Shows No. 043 (SGRS) Recorded in 1980 in Brussels and released in 1991.

The Secret Gig (Red Phantom) Recorded in January 1991 and released in 1991.

Carnage Visors/Curiosity Anomalies (P & C Archival Recordings, Australia) Recorded from 1977 to 1984.

Difficult To Cure (Beech-Martin) Recorded live at National Exhibition Center, May 22, 1998 in Birmingham, England.

Torture (Golden Stars) Recorded on the 1987 UK Tour.

Acoustic Daze (Speedball) Recorded from 1988 to 1990 in London.

The Walk (Templar) Released in 1991.

Imaginary (Sherwood) Recorded January 17th, 1991.

Pornography Tour 1982 (Collectorr)Recorded Paris Olympia June 1982 released 1991.

Crystal Palace Part One (Exile) Recorded at the Crystal Palace August 11th, 1990 and released 1991.

Crystal Palace Part Two (Exile) Recorded at the Crystal Palace August 11th, 1990 and released 1991.

M (Great Dane Records) Recorded in Paris June 7th, 1982 and released 1991.

Play For Today (The Swinging Pig) Recorded May 24, 1980 at Stokvishal, Arnheim, Netherlands and released in 1990.

Glastonbury '90 (Midsummer Nights Dream) Recorded at the Glastonbury Festival, Somerset on June 24, 1990 and released in 1990.

Hot, Hot, Hot (Red Phantom) Recorded at Palasport, Torino on June 9, 1989 and released 1991.

Wembley Arena '89 (RS Records) Recorded at Sta Barbara Bowl July 13, 1987 and Wembley Arena in July 1989 and released in 1990.

Swinging Piggy In The Mirror (Kaleidoscope Music) Released in 1990.

Super Golden Radio Shows No. 024 (SGRS) Recorded in Sydney in 1980 and released in 1991.

Play For Radio (HandMade) Recorded October 1979, March 1980, January 1981, and January 1982.

...And Dreams Come True in '92 (KTS) Recorded in Europe 1992 and released in 1992.

Dead Cat Collection (?) Recorded at the Marquee in London March 1979.

Hot! (Easy Flyte Records) Recorded at the Palaeur, Rome November 27, 1987.

Japan 1986 (El Topo) Released 1986.

Arabian Dream (Duck Production) Recorded in 1980 and released 1985.

Lorelei '89 (Lloyd Records Ltd) Recorded in 89 and released 1990.

Dreams Are Real (?) Recorded at the Edinburgh Odeon May 16, 1981 and released 1990.

Glow In The Dark (?) Recorded in Manchester 1984, Liverpool 1985, various demos, and Lille November 1981 and released 1989.

French Kiss (Tropo) Recorded 1986 and released 1990.

The Prayer Tour (Lloyd Records Ltd) Recorded 1989 and released 1990.

The Cure (Tone-Def Records) Recorded ? and released 1992.


Morrissey-Untitled (El Topo) Recorded December 22, 1988 and released 1989.

Misery Loves Company (El Topo) Recorded March 12, 1984 at the Hammersmith Palais and released 1988.

Live In Rome (?) Recorded in 1984 an dreleased in 1989.


Sinful Garden (KTS Records) Recorded November 15, 1993 at the Wiltern Theatre San Francisco, CA and released 1994.


The Funeral Tour ( Rarities & Few) Recorded during the 1986 'Your Funeral My Trial' promotional tour and released in 1992.


Tea In The Sahara (Templar Records) Recorded in 1991 and released in 1991.

Sting-The Art of the Heart (Red Phantom) Recorded (?) July 1988.



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