I'm originally from NC, now living in Washington, DC with my long-time significant other, who is an editor here. Currently I am helping the band The Splendors ( take over the world. I am also re-launching my music 'zine; NOISE! in early 2008.

After high school I spent six years working in music (managed a band, managed a record store and worked in a couple of others, did band publicity, edited and published an underground music magazine, did band interviews and reviews for other magazines, and worked a little in distribution). This has given me a very open-minded appreciation for all kinds of music. I love everything from metal to punk to bluegrass.

I was also the founder/editor/publisher of deMedici press, an alternative publishing company. We published the underground music magazine NOISE!, the underground comics Violent Youth and Comics from the Edge, the poetry magazine Words and a fiction/art/poetry/music/film magazine called Voices from the Edge. We also published a couple of chapbooks of work by R. Monk Habjan and Sarah Wyman. Voices from the Edge is back, but itís completely different. Itís is now a paranormal webzine. I was also a supervisor at an independent/used book store, where I edited the store newsletter.

I have a degree in graphic design and certificates in photography and computer graphics. I have been a free-lance graphic artist and web-designer, and on a related note, a professional art framer, a copy-girl and a printer. Over the years I have worked for a Shaman/healer as a graphic artist/marketing manager for his shop, designed and painted flower pots for a friends business and was the assistant to the president of the Michael Wincott International Fan Club.

I work part time as a barista here in DC. I'm currently completing my cookbook. I just have the illustrations left to do, now that the hard part of writing out and re-testing the recipes is done. For fun I run a recipe website that is dedicated to potatoes. I have also been a baker; during the holidays I baked and sold homemade cheesecakes, made from my own recipe. My motto: Food is love. Feed those you care about, and feed some you don't even know, it will do your soul good. One day I hope to get my pastry chef license and be a professional pastry chef.

I can be contacted via e-mail at


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