Myths, Folklore, Cryptozoology & Religions


Mythmedia-Mythology in Western Art

The Encyclopedia Mythica

The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heros and other Characters of Mythology

The Genesis Project - A Resource for Creation Myths

The World Tree

World of Idolatry

Etruscan Religion

The Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Religion

Norse Mythology


Ancient Roman Gods & Goddesses

Forum Romanum - Dictionary of Mythology

Classical Myth - The Ancient Sources

Tales of Wonder: Folk & Fairy tales from Around the World

Folktale Links

World of Traditional Zoroastrianism

Divine Digest - Complete Guide to all Religions

A Brief Chronology of Muslim History

Understanding Hinduism


International Society of Cryptozoology

Western Bigfoot Society

The Legend of Nessie

Cryptozoology Underground

Crypto Newsletter

Strange Magazine

Dr Karl Shuker - Zoologist, Cryptologist & Author

American Science Journal Online - Expeditions Into Myth


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