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NOISE! logo by Sara Jane Mann and Raymond Tucker.


NOISE! Issue #1

Issue #1 included interviews with Catherdral, Paradise Lost, Oliver Magnum, Mindhorse,

Taint, Dead White & Blue, My Sister's Machine, Solitude Aeturnus, Trouble, The Cranes, Massacre,

Great Awakening, Spotlights on Love Like Blood, 25th Hour, Lubricators, Johnny Quest,

Kings X, and a label of Hyde Recordings, scene report from Cleveland, record and live reviews.

NOISE! Issue #2

Interviews with Biohazard,

Nuclear Assault, Warrior Soul, Widowmaker, Paradise Lost, Valentine Saloon,

Non-Fiction, Pro-Pain, Deteriorate, Unleashed Power, Sarkoma, Peralta, Spunkadilly,

Souls at Zero, Spotlight on Nick Cave, Rat Race, reviews, art, cartoons.

Issue #3 contained interviews with Believer, God is LSD, Momento Mori, Copperheads,

Nudeswirl, Oliver Magnum, The Awakening, Landfill, Requium Mass, Mighty Mighty Bosstones,

Brutal Truth, Profile of Red-Eye Records, Florida Scene Report, Reviews and news.


NOISE! Issue #3

Issue #3 contained cover art by Sara Jane Mann, interviews with God is LSD, Cynic, Momento mori,

Pain Teens, Omega Point, Copperhead, Nudeswirl, Tainted Heart, Beliver, Rick Mals, Asylum,

Oliver Magnum, Psychotic Waltz, Thw Awakening, Landfill, Requeim Mass, Spotlights on

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Cherry Bomb, Scepter, Skeletal Earth, Grindhouse,

scene report from Europe, live and album reviews.


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