WORDSONE, WORDSTWO, WORDSTHREE- Our poetry trilogy. ONE included poems by

Patricia Harris, Thomas Gilbert, Cara Smithwick, Gianna Lamorte, R. Monk Habjan, John Hulse, and

Sarah Wyman. This is the best from VFTE 1-10. TWO had poems by Chris Tannlund, Autumn, R. David

Fulcher, John Grey, W. Gregosy Smith, William P. Robertson, Holly Day, D. D'Arcy, Sarah Wyman,

H.L. Truelove, and James Gerald Koch. THREE was the final installment with Rachelle Hall, Robert Haase,

CD Russell, Sister Mary Ann Henn, Kenneth L. Brown, Michael H. Brownstien, Samantha Gross, Linda

Lee Curtis, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Geoff Smith, K. Blicker, Helen Webb, Mathew Duncan, John

Grey, Lou Hertz, Steven L. Shrewsbury. Covers were done by Sara Jane Mann. Copyright Sara Jane Mann.


ALL work is copyright by the artist themselves.

deMedici press does not retain the rights to their work


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