The following are magazine articles I've collected through the years.

These are articles I thought other fans would like to have access to, especially

those who have recently become fans. I have been a fan since 1985.

They are the property of the writer, and are here only to share with other fans.

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1988 Olympics

Bravo Brian! - Sports Illustrated February 29, 1988

One Flash of Gold - Newsweek February 29, 1988

Gold Diggers of '88 - People's Salute to the Olympic February 15, 1988

Giving it a Whirl/Double the Pleasure

The Soaring Spinning Battle of the Brians - Time February 15, 1988

Orser - Boitano In High Drama - USA Today

Boitano In Place for USA's !st Gold - USA Today

Men's Compulsories Were Picture Perfect - USA Today

Three World Champs In Men's Field -USA Today

Figure Skaters Meld Skill With Pazazz by Dick Button - USA Today

Brians Jest to Relieve Pressure

Boitano - A Skating Innovator - USA Today

Second Silver Disappoints Orser

This Soldiers No Toy - Time February 29, 1988

Brian Boitano Newsweek February 15, 1988

A Risky Business - US News & World Report February 15, 1988

2 Brians Ready to Duel for 1 Gold - USA Today February 18, 1988

Boitano's View - USA Today

He Sees 'Lots of Changes in My Life' - USA Today

Gold Strike: Boitano captures gold

Brian's Olympic Diary From Calgary - USA Today


Days of Jitters And Joy

A man Holding Onto Childhood

Learning to Turn a Failure Into Success

Drawing a Circle of Friendship

Comfort in the Roar of the Crowd

Just One Goal: To Do My Best

Telegrams Abound

Women Worried About Skating Last

Nerves Build on Figure Skater's Day Off

Olympics Cast an Inspiring Light


1988 Worlds

The End of An Ice Age?

Olympic Skaters Meet Again - USA Today

Witt Leads, Thomas 3rd After Compulsories


1986/1987/1988 Nationals

He Did A Bang-Up Job

Cashing In On the Collywobbles

Boitano's Performance Deep-Sixes Rest of Field in U.S. Championships - USA Today

Boitano's Perfect Figures: Scored USA-Record 6.0's

Thomas & Boitano Take Gold to Calgary - USA Today

Competition Figures to Be Intense Behind Boitano - USA Today - January 6, 1988

Boitano Has Dreams: Gives Foes Nightmares - USA Today

Books or Blades, There's No Doubting Thomas



Why I Wear What I Wear - GQ November 1988

On Thin Ice back at home, Katarina Witt tours the USA

Champions On Ice

Skating to the Top