Garlic & Sour Cream Twice Baked Potato * Garlic Red Potatoes

Greek Baked Stuffed Potatoes with Tomato, Olives and Cheese

Garden Fresh Topping for Potatoes

Great Gratin of Potatoes * Greek Roasted Potatoes

Garlic Roasted Potatoes and Greens


Garlic & Sour Cream Twice Baked Potato


4 large baking potatoes

1 garlic bulb

1/2 cup low-sodium chicken broth

1/2 cup nonfat sour cream

1/2 tsp. black pepper

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese



Oven 425 degrees.

1. Pierce potatoes several times with fork; place on baking sheet. Wrap the garlic in foil and place along-side the potatoes. Bake till tender and garlic is browned and softened, 50-60 mins. Let potatoes and garlic cool approx 15 mins.

2. Halve the potatoes lengthwise; scoop pulp into a large bowl leaving skins intact. Cut garlic in half; squeeze out the pulp and add to the potato. Add broth, sour cream and pepper; stir and mash with fork to desired texture. Spoon stuffing back into skins; sprinkle with cheese & paprika.

3. Return potatoes to baking sheet and bake until heated through and lightly browned, about 15 minutes.

153 caolories, 1 g total fat.

Recipe from Weight watchers 153 caolories, 1 g total fat.

Garlic Red Potatoes


2 pounds small red potatoes -- unpeeled

1/3 cup butter

1/2 cup minced fresh parsley

2 tablespoons minced fresh chives

1 1/2 teaspoons minced fresh tarragon

3 cloves garlic -- minced

3 strips bacon -- cooked and crumbled

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

Slice potatoes in half. Place in a saucepan and add enough water to just cover. Cover and bring to a boil. Cook for 15 minutes or until tender; drain. In a large skillet melt the butter;stir in the parsley, chives, tarragon, and garlic.Cook over low heat for 1-2 minutes. Add the potatoes, bacon, salt, and pepper to the skillet. Toss gently to coat. Heat for about 5 minutes; serve warm.

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Greek Baked Stuffed Potatoes with Tomato, Olives and Cheese


3 medium baking potatoes

2 tsp vegetable oil

1 1/2 tsp minced garlic

2/3 cup chopped green peppers

1/2 cup chopped red onions

1 1/2 tsp dried oregano

2/3 cup chopped fresh tomatoes

1/3 cup chopped green onions (about 2 medium)

1/4 cup 2% yogurt

1/4 cup 2% milk

1 1/2 oz feta cheese, crumbled


Preheat oven to 425. Bake the potatoes for 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until easily piereced with the tip of a sharp knife.

Meanwhile, in a nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add garlic, green peppers, red onions and oregano and cook for 7 minutes or until softened, stirring occassionally. Stir in tomatoes, black olives and green onions and cook for 1 minute more. Remove from heat.

When potatoes are cool enough to handle, cut in half lengthwise and scoop out flesh, leaving shells intact. Place shells on baking sheet. Mash potato and add yogurt, milk and 1 oz of feta. Stir in vegetable mixture. Divide among potatoe skin shells, sprinkle with remaining feta and bake 15 minutes or until heated through.

Serves 6

Garden Fresh Topping for Potatoes


Serving Size : 4

2 cups cottage cheese, lowfat

1/3 cip buttermilk

1/2 cup cucumber -- peeled, seeded, dice

1/3 cup green bell pepper -- chopped

1/3 cup radishes -- chopped

1 clove garlic -- minced

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper -- ground

Combine all ingreedients in a medium bowl, mix well. Cover and chill for an hour to blend flavors. Serve over hotbaked potatoes.

Recipe By : from Houston Chronicle

Great Gratin of Potatoes


Garlic clove

2 pounds Yukon Gold or russet potatoes, peeled and in water

1 cup grated Gruyere cheese

3 tablespoons unsalted butter

1/2 cup chicken broth

1/2 cup heavy cream

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Rub an oval gratin dish or rectangular (14 x 8 inches) 2 quart gratin dish with garlic. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Slice the potatoes into slices only 1/16 to 1/8-inch thick. You'll build up 3 layers in the gratin dish. Overlap the potato slices for the first layer and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of salt, pepper and 1/2 of the cheese. Drizzle some cream over the top and dot with 1 tablespoons of butter. Repeat with more potatoes, cheese, cream and salt and pepper and butter. Repeat with last layer, keeping it free of cheese but dotted with butter. Pour chicken broth over the top and bake for 1 1/2 hours, basting the potatoes, in the middle of baking time, with liquid accumulated in the bottom of the gratin dish.

Recipe by  Michelle Urvater

Greek Roasted Potatoes

6 to 8 large potatoes

1 cup olive oil

1 cup lemon juice

2 cup chicken broth

2 cloves garlic minced

1 tsp oregano

salt and pepper


Peel, quarter potatoes and place in roasting pan. Mix remaining ingredients and pour over potatoes so that mixture comes up halfway. It may be necessary to make more of mixture if needed. Sprinkle with paprika. Cover with foil. Bake 350 1 1/2 hours or until potatoes are soft. Uncover and cook 400 degrees until potatoes are crispy.

P.S. Greek Potato salad: use olive oil, vinegar, garlic for the dressing. Add fresh chopped oregano and chopped oil cured olives.

Garlic Roasted Potatoes and Greens


2 lb Thin-Skinned Potatoes scrubbed and cut into 3/4" dice

6 lg Cloves Garlic -- peeled and quartered lengthwise

1/3 c Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

3 tb Wine Vinegar



4 c Watercress Sprigs -- rinsed and crisped

2 tb Chives -- chopped


Mix potatoes, garlic and oil in a 10 x 15" rimmed pan. Bake at 450øF. until well browned, about 1 1/4 hours. Turn vegetables with a wide spatula every 10-15 minutes. Pour vinegar into pan, scraping with spatula to release browned bits and to mix with potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour potatoes into a wide, shallow bowl. Chop half the watercress and mix with potatoes. Tuck remaining watercress around potatoes and sprinkle with chives.


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